The POWER of A Targeted Direct Response Marketing Campaign

You’ll feel like a superhero once you get a targeted campaign working to bring you business (over and over and over again).There’s a mass movement toward “content output” as a means of driving business that I’d like to weigh in on and offer my perspective.

I want you to examine what’s really bringing dollars through the doors of your business.

Everyone is saying … “you have to consistently create new, relevant, engaging content” if you want …

  • Visibility

  • Authority

  • Traffic

Content marketing is a lot of work, but its worth it for a lot of reasons. However, its NOT the most powerful way to systematically bring dollars in the door.

And I agree. That’s all true. You should be regularly creating and publishing content across a variety of platforms to reach the masses of potential clients, customers, or patients that should be doing business with you.

And yes, you can aim your content at a specific audience and make specific offers within the content. So all of this really can drive more business to you.

But NONE OF THIS will magically and powerfully grow your business by leaps and bounds the way a targeted direct response marketing campaign will.

If you can prove otherwise, please do comment below. I want to hear about how you’ve measured that success and the results you’ve gotten.

But for most entrepreneurs and business owners, the content that you put out goes largely unnoticed. Yes, you can post about it on social media and ask your friends and network to share it. You can develop a full suite of repurposed content so you’re hitting all the big channels like the gurus recommend.

You can do everything right and STILL hear crickets when you want to hear cha-ching.

So what does it take to get noticed?

There’s a better way!

A targeted, direct response marketing campaign is a sequence of marketing messages that leads prospects (strangers) from being cold leads responding to an ad or sales piece… to either buying immediately or engaging with you in a one-on-one consultation where they’ll be sold on whatever you offer.

It all starts with an ad: either in a magazine or trade publication, a lead generation postcard in the mail, or an ad online (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

If you’re very specific about who your offer is for, you can then target ONLY those people and get more response from a pool of people who are more likely to do business with you.

Typically your prospects will respond to a FREE offer you make in that ad and that means they’re essentially telling you “yes, I’m interested in this topic.”

And at that point, you’ve got a very unique relationship and a very unique opportunity to continue feeding them information (perhaps all that content you’ve been creating), but more importantly, YOU can prescribe what they need next.

With a targeted direct response marketing campaign, you become the wizard

with the answers to the problems they most want to solve. And a high-converting campaign will do a lot more than just make you a wizard, it will also …

  • Provide measurable marketing ROI, something that’s quite hard to come by from blogging, Facebook posting, and Tweeting.

  • Give you a “client faucet” you can turn on and off at will

  • Position you as the undisputed authority on the same platform where your offers are available for the taking (i.e., they can sign up, buy, or book an appointment)

  • Get you MORE clients than anything else you’re doing

  • Allow you to weed out the fat in your marketing budget and laser focus your investments where there is measurable ROI

  • Control your client flow and eliminate dry spells – no more “I guess people just aren’t buying right now???” No. Run the campaign and get more clients right now!

How can you go about getting such a campaign?

The magic of direct response marketing is that it creates a powerful relationship between you and your prospects out of thin air!

The first step to a campaign is to figure out your goal. In other words, map out your funnel!

Decide what lead magnet (free bait offer) you’ll provide. Decide what you’ll sell to them next and how many steps in your funnel you want prospects to go through before you’re done selling to them?

Next, decide where you’re going to advertise and how you’re going to follow up.

Then, once those decisions are made, you’ve got to write it! You have two options here:

Write one yourself (If you don’t know how, the Ultimate Sales Generator, a proprietary funnel building copywriting system that I co-created will walk you through it)


Hire an expert. If you'd like to find out if I'm the right copywriter to build you a marketing asset that will work to deliver customers, clients, or patients to you over and over again, click here). reconstruction update:​

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