How to Captivate Your Prospects and Keep Their AttentionSo they consume your entire sales message …

Three things need to happen before you can ever solve problems for the people you mean to do business with.

If you don’t do these three things BEFORE you ever get to the “here, buy my thing” part of your sales message … well … NOBODY’S LISTENING.

So, perk up my friends and commit this not only to memory, but to everyday (every.single.time.) practice so your sales messages not only grab attention, but KEEP it.

We can start with the thing you definitely already know …

#1 – You Gotta Have A Great Headline

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, don’t settle on the first one you write. Smart marketers will go through 20, 30, 50 or even up to 100 headlines before they settle on the one they’ll use in a marketing piece.

It might take you an hour (or more) to come up with that many, but if you want your offer to convert, the headline is where the rubber meets the road. If they don’t read that, well, they’re not gonna read anything else. So, you must grab attention with your headline.

And a strong subhead will back up the promise you make in your headline or add more meat to it.

If you need help getting started on headlines, I highly recommend our 30-Second HL Generator. We can’t make it any easier than 30 Seconds. #2 – Open with an explanation of your promise

This is the part that most people screw up or skip altogether.

It is a big, fat, gigantic mistake to start with “Are you depressed?” “Lonely?” You don’t START with the pain.

If you do your prospect is busy having a conversation of their own in their mind. They’re not really focused on what YOU are saying. They are focused on what they are saying to themselves.

You have to first make a promise (headline) and then explain it (in the opening of your letter or sales message) in order to hold their attention.

The first few paragraphs of a long form sales letter is there to explain what they are about to get. An example might go like this …

Today I’m going to show you how you can literally go from bad clients, strapped for cash, and miserable with your daily grind … to a practice that you actually LOVE, working with clients who are compliant, respect your work, and cheerfully pay your high fees.

If that sounds like a pie in the sky, hyped up promise, I urge you to set those doubts aside for a moment to explore what’s possible for you.

After all, this is YOUR practice, YOUR livelihood. You owe it to yourself to learn how we’ve helped thousands of attorneys across the country EASILY reinvigorate their practice, make a lot more money, and live happier lives.

That’s what it comes down to … you can actually design the practice of your dreams and live on your terms. You don’t have to be this miserable anymore.

And now, they’re really starting to pay attention. So, you must:

#3 – Demonstrate that you understand their pain

You need to explore their pain for three important reasons …

  1. Your prospects may have suffered for so long that they’ve become comfortable with suffering. They’re used to it. You know, inertia. You’ve got to work to bring them out of that mindset. So you really need to remind them how bad their situation is.

  2. If you don’t explore the ugliness of their circumstances, they won’t trust that you really get it and have the power to change it.

  3. You need to amplify the pain they’re in so they’re ready for a solution right now.

So often we review copy that skips step #2 and jumps right to step #3.

But remember, no one wants you to just jump right into their problems. You’ve got to explain that you’re going to solve them first. Otherwise your prospects will want to literally shut you up by clicking away (or throwing away your marketing).

And another common mistake is that people spend like 2 seconds on step #3. Step #3 really needs A LOT more attention … almost as much attention as you’d put into explaining how and why your solution works.

Of course there are a lot of details that come after this. But I see the most mistakes in copy right here at the beginning.

So audit your sales pages, your website, and your other marketing materials. Tighten up these 3 critical elements at the beginning of every sales message.

And please do comment and let us know the difference it’s making for you! reconstruction update:​

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