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Could Be Exactly What You Need

To Fix Your Failed Marketing

Okay, maybe your marketing hasn't completely "failed" and you're not completely lost.  But there's ALWAYS room for improvement, right?  


Sometimes you just know in your gut that something's not right. And frankly, the numbers don't lie.  So if you're not seeing the conversion you want from the marketing you have in place, a review may be just want you need to turn things around. 

Sometimes you get TOO CLOSE to your own stuff and you just can't pick out an obvious mistake, let alone a sneaky one.

So use me as a second set of fresh eyes, to give you a fresh perspective and EXPERT feedback.  


The smallest turn of the screw can make a big difference in your results.  If you make three more sales this month from tweaks that I suggest to your funnel, depending on your price point, you could pay for a new car with that improvement.

Its a wise investment that smart business owners have asked me for often enough for the service to now warrant its own page on my website.  So here we are.

You can invest in a single review for just $500 or a full funnel review for $2,000.  

A single sales page can be as short as say 2 or 3 Microsoft Word pages or as long as 20 pages.  I might be crazy, but I'll take the risk and cheerfully review your sales page anyway, even if its a gazillion pages long. Probably.

A full funnel review means I want to see EVERY single thing that your prospect sees from initial lead all the way through to paying client.  Send me everything!

What you'll get is DETAILED notes on how to improve the copy, layout, presentation, offer, order, tone, feel, images, and anything else that affects the buyer's reaction to your sales presentation.

Click on the appropriate button to the right to make your selection.  You'll then get a personal email from me to reply with your marketing information for review.

Let's get to work! 

Get Your Sales Page Converting!

Fix Your Funnel!