The best way to find out if I get your market and know how to help you connect and
convert more is to ask me. 

Let’s talk about it during a mini-consult on the phone to see if I’m the right copywriter
for you. 

Whether its writing direct mail campaigns, intricate online funnels, sales pages,
email campaigns or anything else related to direct response copywriting, I’m
open to working with you no matter your industry (as long as its legal). 

You’ll not only discover whether or not I’m a good fit to help your business,

but you’ll get my outside perspective and honest opinion on your best next move. PLUS …

  • My undivided attention focused on your business for 20 minutes, so you can move forward with peace of mind knowing that you got expert councel (even if we don’t work together).

  • Referrals to other vendors that you may need to complete your project.  You can access my valuable connections to execute your project with experts who know how to get results.

  • My ideas on how to get the maximum impact while you spend as little as possible – because I know you want to operate as cost-effectively as possible. I’ll have this as top priority as I dispense my recommendations (which should be refreshing to you).

  • Best of all, I’ll tell you if I think you’re going about things all wrong, even if that means we won’t work together or the potential project between us becomes a lot smaller.

Obviously, there’s no obligation for you to hire me to write your copy.

In fact, we may not be a good fit at all.  This conversation is how we’ll find out.  


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