October 19, 2017

Three things need to happen before you can ever solve problems for the people you mean to do business with.  

If you don’t do these three things BEFORE you ever get to the “here, buy my thing” part of your sales message … well … NOBODY’S LISTENING.

So, perk up my friends...

October 19, 2017

You may or may not know that there are “rules” of engagement when it comes to how your marketing looks.  My air quotes are there because I’m in the “rules are made to be broken” camp.  

You too?

Perfect.  We’re on the same page.

But speaking of pages …

There are some...

October 19, 2017

Getting started is often the hardest part of writing sales copy. You must avoid blank page syndrome at all costs!

But who can handle the pressure?

After all the whole “will they even read what you wrote” thing hinges on the quality of the headline. In fact …


October 19, 2017

You’ll feel like a superhero once you get a targeted campaign working to bring you business (over and over and over again).There’s a mass movement toward “content output” as a means of driving business that I’d like to weigh in on and offer my perspective.

I want you to...

October 19, 2017

Are You Following Direct Response Rules on Your Website?

I'm pretty hardcore about using direct response principles. So I'm not really going for direct response-ish. I'm committed to FULL ON, direct response all the way.

Perhaps, someday, I’ll write another post about wh...

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