No matter what business you're in, that whole “connecting deeply with your prospects” thing is UNIVERSAL!

Every business needs to make that connection to succeed.  Maybe you’re thinking that Staples or Home Depot or Netflix or Verizon all don’t need to do that.  WRONG. Many of those types of businesses may be successful in spite of their lack of connection with their customers. And they throw away obscene amounts of money on brand advertising to do it.

But you can have an intimate connection with your prospects that NONE of your competitors can touch without having Verizon's ad budget to do it.


My work is about making that connection with your prospects through DIRECT RESPONSE sales copy.

The copy on your website,

in your printed marketing materials,

and every communication you

put out there with the world is

THE LIFEBLOOD of your business. 


This is how people get to know you.  This copy is where people figure out whether or not they’re willing to part with money to work with you. 


It MUST connect.  

If it does not connect any money you spend on traffic, printing, postage, event fees, sponsorship, or print ads is a big fat waste!


Scary, right? If the copy you've put out there is an emotionless snoozefest, you're throwing your money down the drain!

And if you already know that this is happening in your marketing, its not just wasted money that's the problem.  It's the wasted opportunity from every passerby who SHOULD be doing business with you, but dismisses you because of your lackluster copy.


But, not to worry.  As the famous saying goes, the answer to any problem is a great sales letter. True story!


Why should you trust me with that copy?  


Well, here are a few reasons …


The results I’ve achieved for my clients PROVE that I know how to do this very well.  One of my campaigns (for a HUGE info-marketing client) surpassed response goals by nearly 100%.  100%! I’ve written campaigns that have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars for my clients.  But results of your marketing may vary greatly.  There are a lot of things that have to go right to get these kinds of results.  Having great copy is definitely one of them, but it is just that – ONE of the things that must be done right to get you the response you want.

I was personally trained by Mr. Outrageous Advertising, marketing guru, Bill Glazer.  Bill is one of the world’s highest paid and most sought after copywriters.  He’s also an excellent teacher, and he was my boss and personal mentor for almost 4 years.  He never planned to take me on as a copywriting student, but I roped him into it during my time as Director of Marketing of his company and we continue to work together to this day, creating marketing materials for his private consulting clients.  I have other sources of copywriting education (like Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and Ryan Deiss – just to name a few) but Bill Glazer has been the driving influence behind my writing and sales education. 

We’re in this together!  My reputation is riding on the performance of the work I do with you and since I feed my family through that good reputation, I take it very seriously.  

Think we should work together?

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My business is about helping you


by connecting with your prospects

on a personal level through

emotionally-charged sales copy.  

The "Fun" Bio:

You might be curious about the woman behind the curtain.  After all, we're all human (and that's an important thing to remember in business, especially if you sell B-to-B ... it's always one REAL person buying from another).  Anywho, I'm lots of things and somehow all the sides of me come into play as a copywriter ...

















I am blessed beyond measure to have these three fine people in my life.  But ...












...the challenges that family life brings me constantly sharpens my salesman-

ship skills.  I mean, kids are no joke.  If left to

their own devices, they would take 20 minutes per shoe in the morning and 20 minutes per tooth brushing at night.  In those instances, my life as a sales copy writer pays off.  


But I also harness a lot of mothering skills when writing copy.  That's because empathy is the emotional tool that strengthens relationships.

Empathy helps you connect, and it opens the door for others to begin to trust you.  So, much like my 4 year old's invisible booboo feels better with a Ninja Turtle band-aid, your prospects need to feel like you get them, like "it's" not their fault, and everything's gonna be okay.  

I'M AN ATHLETE:  Well, I used to be.  Three sports - softball, soccer, and basketball.  I even played softball up to and after college.  I was lucky enough to spend my youth traveling the country playing that sport.  

I was never the fastest pitcher.  In fact, I was the slowest on my team.  But I had something most pitchers never use.  STRATEGY.  While most pitchers pitch to their own strengths, I always played to my opponents weaknesses.  Being a lefty helped with that.  If they were tall and crowding the plate, I'd jam up their hands with a high inside pitch to make them pop up.  If they were short, standing with their weight on their heels and a bit too far from the plate, they got the most outside strike I could throw.  If they fouled off too many of these pitches in a row, they got an off speed pitch that they'd never see coming.  

It was this strategy that allowed me to dominate in so many instances where I was outmatched in athleticism, speed, and size.  

I'M A COMPETITOR:  Maybe everyone does this, but I compete with the clock to get things done.  I race the clock to make good time on a drive ... to knock out an insane todo list ... to make good time on my upcoming 10k race ... to over-deliver more marketing insight, direction, and knowhow than my clients expect, ON TIME.  When I negotiate, sell, play cards or corn hole or engage in any contest anywhere, ever ...
I always expect to win.  I highly recommend this!  Dealing with disappointment when you occasionally lose is a small price to pay for a mindset that attracts success.  

In fact, I'm pretty sure that most of my wins in life stem from my "I'm gonna win" attitude, including the good fortune I had to land the Director of Marketing job at GKIC that spawned my career as a Direct Response Copywriter.

The "Boring" Bio:

Who writes this stuff anyway?









For nearly 4 years Julie Boswell was the right hand implementer of renowned copywriters and direct response marketing legends Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer.

As the Director of Marketing for Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle she directed and executed ALL of the company’s marketing efforts including filling nearly 1,000 seats at their two annual National events, the SuperConference and the Info-SUMMIT.

She also wrote several very successful campaigns for them including the now famous Roving Reporter campaign which generated over $80,000.00 in sales in just a few days.

With a keen focus on human buying behavior and psychological strategy, Julie now operates her own thriving copywriting and consulting business helping all sorts of entrepreneurs (from financial advisors, doctors, and lawyers to coaches and consultants, real estate investors & gurus, and even a hypnotist!) grow their businesses through effective marketing strategy and creative, compelling direct response marketing campaigns.